GITA IRWIN: Visual Media

Creating content that keeps you glued to your seat !


Completed - Grandfather Paradox in late 2014  - a sci-fi comedy film where two buddies, Chuck - a science whiz, and his straight laced bestie, Norris make a bet involving time travel that backfires and threatens to wipe Norris out of existence, and it's up to Chuck to save him.  Grandfather Paradox was a finalist in Project Sci-Fi at the Sci-Fi Film Festival where it screened to applause from an appreciative public at the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta. We took that film, tweaked it, and sent it out to festivals overseas with success. Grandfather Paradox is currently travelling the international film circuit. It has premiered at Washington DC Shorts in the USA, in September 2015, and has screened in over a dozen festivals worldwide, and has been nominated for best comedy and for the audience award .

Completed   Dead to Me  in 2013- a dark short drama film where an emotionally turbulent young man, Joel is wondering if he can ever escape the mistakes of the past or whether he is doomed to repeat them.

In Post-Production - Unhinged - a psychological horror drama film about a traumatised girl, Tess, who's convinced that a malevolent force is stalking her, but is it real or is it a product of her disintegrating mind ?  Unhinged received government funding from Screen NSW and features significant VFX, multiple locations and was an ambitious production that is finally seeing a release in December 2015.


The last film I produced3 Minutes - is a short relationship drama film, where the carefree existence of charming but irresponsible, Dane, is at risk, when his lover Ashley turns up with a pregnancy test.  3 Minutes was shortlisted for Tropfest in 2016, and is currently doing the international film festival circuit. '3 Minutes' features talented actress from ABC TV drama 'Gods of Wheat Street',  Lauren Hamilton Neill as Ashley.

In pre-production on other projects include: CAREERWISE! - infotainment TV Series on careers, 'Carnally Yours' a horror rom-com feature film, and 'Faust' - a supernatural TV series.



Finishing the writing of a volume of poetry titled The Reckoning - which features free verse, haiku, rhyming verse and evocative fragments.